About Me

1 gorgeous man, 2 beautiful kids, 2 precious pups, weddings & events, sparkly druzy & stone jewelry, amazing food, diy projects, home decorating, shopping & the best place on earth.

What do all of those things have in common? They are what makes me who I am.

I am blessed to have this life that I have been given. Some of it just a gift, some of it I worked really hard for but all of it is one HUGE blessing.

I have the best family. My husband who after 14 years I still think is incredibly handsome, we have built a life together with 2 kids, 2 pups, 1 rooster and a bunch of amphibians & reptiles. Waking up to this every day in the Texas Hill Country, what more could a girl ask for?!

K Kennedy is my brand. I make jewelry using natural elements such as geode’s, agates, druzy’s, other stones and feathers. I plan & design events from weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, etc. I love helping people make their houses and offices feel like an escape for them, safe yet exciting. Whether it is planning the entire thing or personal shopping for you I love textures, mixing the unexpected and live by the moto “go big or go home”. In anything I do I try to make it be unlike anything else. A few statement pieces can make a HUGE impact. My addiction to shopping helps me find the best deals and pieces for my clients.

When I am not producing a piece, planning an event, decorating a space or shopping for that special piece I am catering an event for a local restaurant as one of their catering managers. This is an escape for me… I get to enjoy working with a great team while doing something I love and am good at… working events.

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